Neo Hiring

Our competitors are happy to throw your recruiting team into a late-90s chatroom and call it a day; we think you deserve better.

We provide a modern and powerful hiring tool that connects you with job-seekers at record-breaking speeds.

Meet The Platform

Meet The Platform
Your Hiring Data: Secured

We make chat transcripts, resumes, recruiter feedback, and more available after each event through the Candidate Database.

This industry-leading tool is the first of its kind to offer immediate access to candidate information filtered by role, interviewer, level of engagement, and feedback.

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One Platform: Two Hiring Strategies

Attend Local Hiring Events to interview candidates when you need to, or let us craft the perfect Private Hiring Event

Local Hiring Events

Attend a local event in your area to hire entry-level, veteran, diverse, or healthcare talent as you need it.

Private Hiring Events

With private events, we work exclusively with your team to launch targeted recruiting events for your open positions as part of your overall talent acquisition strategy. Whether you’re an early-stage startup or Fortune 500 company, our private events have been proven to drive value and efficiency.

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HireX Virtual Hiring Events provide every benefit of traditional hiring, cut travel time to zero, and increase recruiter throughput by 5x.

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